Missouri Energy Solutions Company Wins Manufacturer of the Year Award

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Joplin, Missouri-based EaglePicher Technologies was recently awarded the 2019 Manufacturer of the Year award by the Missouri Association of Manufacturers. Officials say the company is helping revolutionize the battery and energy industry.

Missouri is home to leading developers and producers of batteries for the defense, space, automotive, and consumer industries. We are in the top three states for battery production and Missouri is a leading developer of next-generation lithium batteries in the United States. But batteries are just one piece of Missouri’s energy solutions industry. Solar and wind energy, along with energy storage, encompass this energized Missouri industry.

Additionally, Missouri’s energy talent is leading the way in energy storage development at research facilities such as the Energy Research and Development Center at Missouri S&T, the Missouri Center for Advanced Power Systems, the Center for Physical and Power Electronics at the University of Missouri, and the Lithium Ion Center of Excellence. All of this makes Missouri a prime location to grow your company in the energy industry.

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