Business Journals: Why 5 Companies Moved from the West Coast to Flyover Country

Shifts happen. Business environments change. Workers’ priorities adjust. Global pandemics throw the world as we know it head over heels, and then kick it again while it is down.

But in the business world, right now, if you can dream it, it’s probably available.

For the past few decades, the West Coast has been the tech hub of the world. Ideas flowed, money fell from trees, and the sun shone brighter. Today, tech hubs and innovators can work from anywhere and build their next company anywhere. And they are. Including in the center of North America.

Amit Kothari, a British transplant to America and CEO of Tallyfy, first landed in Silicon Valley because that was all he knew. But then the Midwest came calling. And in 2015, he found himself in St. Louis, Missouri, with low expectations.

“We came [from Silicon Valley], we didn’t expect much, and we stayed because it’s the best place in the country to start a business and grow a business,” he said.

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