Missouri Offers Silicon Valley Companies More

Are you tired of the high business taxes and red tape in California? Are you looking for a new place to grow your business? If so, say goodbye to endless traffic, expensive housing, a dwindling talent pool, and say hello to us here in Missouri.

We’ll pause while you say hi….

Oh, hey there! We’re excited to meet you! We’re a state that can give you More – because you deserve it!

Missouri corporate income tax rate: 4%. California corporate tax rate: 8.84%

More Business Success

Isn’t paying all those California taxes fun? Yeah, we didn’t think so. In Missouri, our 4% corporate tax rate is less than half of the 8.84% you pay in California. So, while you’re shelling out all your money for taxes, businesses in Missouri are taking theirs to the bank.

“Square is proud to be from Missouri and thrilled to expand our presence here, where we’ve exceeded our growth expectations thanks to the wealth of local talent.” – Jim McKelvey, Co-Founder and Director
Opened first Missouri office in 2015 and has experienced tremendous success in the state

In Missouri, you can forget the egos and complications that come with doing business in California. Here, we’re no-nonsense. State government focuses on infrastructure, workforce development, and keeping costs low, all while staying out of the way so that you can actually do business. Connect with us today so we can show you how Missouri can deliver More business success for you and your team.

You can also take a deep dive and really compare Missouri and California across taxes, cost of living, and much, much More.

Logos for Centene, Microsoft, H&R Block, Cerner, RGA, NGA, Emerson, IBM, Square, and Expedia

More Global Business Powerhouses

Missouri is home to dynamic and innovative companies that are changing the future – everyday. Companies like Cerner, Emerson Electric, Expedia, Square, NGA and RGA are here along with many other innovators. Our state was the top choice for FDI into the U.S. in 2019, and we have 700+ international companies operating here. This means you’ll have plenty of diverse potential clients and partners when you start doing business in Missouri. We are the consummate networkers, giving you access to the C-Suite across the entire state.

High quality of life for your employees, low labor costs for you. Forbes quality of life rankings: Missouri 7th, California 27th. Average wages for tech jobs: Kansas City $82,000, St. Louis $85,000, San Francisco $125,000.

More Talent

Tired of fighting over the shrinking talent pool in Silicon Valley? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve made it our mission to foster a tech talent pool in Missouri that rivals any state in the U.S. With training programs like Missouri One Start and Apprenticeship Missouri (one of the most successful apprenticeship programs in the country), we work hard to keep More talent upskilled so that more companies can move forward.

“Accenture Federal Services started talking about where we should go to attract net-new talent, as well as top tech talent, and St. Louis quickly rose to the top.” – Molly Ketcham, Managing Director – Strategic Planning & Operations
AFS announced plans to open a new center with 1,400 new jobs

Flight times from Missouri: San Franciso 4 hours, Austin 2 hours, New York 2.5 hours.

More Access 

Who enjoys the long flights and early morning calls that come with living in Silicon Valley and doing business with companies on the east coast? Not us. Missouri’s central location makes it the perfect place for companies doing business on both coasts and everywhere in between. Several airports across the state provide nonstop access to more than 70 domestic and international destinations.

“We came [from Silicon Valley], we didn’t expect much, and we stayed because it’s the best place in the country to start a business and grow a business.” – Amit Kothari, Tallyfy CEO
Relocated to Missouri from Silicon Valley in 2015

Cost of living index for housing: St. Louis: 71.0, Springfield: 72.0, Columbia: 77.4, Kansas City: 87.1, San Francisco: 354.8

More Money in Your Pocket

Paid your rent yet this month? With the nation’s sixth-lowest cost of living, Missouri puts More money in your pocket. Live the great life in Missouri, at Midwest prices. With a median home price of less than $160,000, you can actually afford home ownership. Vibrant urban life, peaceful rural, or relaxing lake living – the choice is yours.

Running your business from Missouri is affordable, too. We offer lower costs to startup, competitively priced talent, and a business ecosystem committed to your success. Our AAA bond rating means the state is careful with your money. In Missouri, you’re never far from the amenities or the business success you crave, and there’s always More money in your pocket.

More Natural Beauty and Adventure


Do you really want to drive an hour or more to experience the outdoors? In Missouri, adventure awaits you the moment you step out your front door. Spend less time in rush hour and have extra time to enjoy More of the great life in Missouri, with an all-access pass to outdoor adventures, arts, culture, sports and more.

Diverse offerings include rivers, lakes, caves and 91 state parks and historic sites for activities like fishing, camping, hiking, biking, golfing, hunting, boating, swimming, kayaking or canoeing. The Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri boasts 1,150 miles of shoreline – more than the entire coast of California.

Think you’ll miss out on the various sports teams in California? Well, in Missouri we trade quantity for quality – championship quality. Missouri is home to the 2020 Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs, the 2019 Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues, and the World Series Champion Kansas City Royals and St. Louis Cardinals, earning our state a reputation as the State of Champions.

And culture. We have it. From the St. Louis Symphony to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri. From the top-rated St. Louis Zoo to Branson, the “Live Show Capital of the World,” we have what you need to enhance every aspect of your life.

Average commute time: California 31 minutes, Missouri 24 minutes

More Connections Made Easy

Tired of being a little fish in a big pond? Missouri is a prime location for businesses to grow, with easy access to investors, mentors and talent – in the heart of America. In Missouri, our Midwest attitude lets us think as a team first. This means you’ll be surrounded by businesses that will work with you to ensure your company succeeds. And a member of our team will be with you every step of the way.

“[Since moving from Los Angeles,] We’ve met several angel groups, investor groups, and venture capital firms. Getting meetings with people we want to meet is very easy. People answer their phones and invite you to meet with them quickly.” – Stephen Seaman, SwipeSum Co-Founder and COO
Relocated HQ to Missouri from California in 2019

More Than Expected

Fly over this! Missouri is a top ranked state for business, offering More opportunities to grow, with minimal costs and a low-risk environment. Missouri boasts a reputation as an affordable destination for both work and for life, offering an all-access pass to natural beauty, a large and diverse talent pool, minimal regulations, a low cost of living, and access to global companies that is unparalleled in California.

“I was delighted with the vibrant community here in Kansas City and believe it is the perfect place for Scollar to rapidly scale in the U.S. and globally.” – CEO and Co-Founder Lisa Tamayo
Relocated to Missouri from Silicon Valley in 2019


We want you to see for yourself just how much More you can get in Missouri. Call or text our CEO, Subash Alias, at 314.308.1990 or plug in your information on our contact form. Don’t be shy – we’re waiting to hear from you so we can show you just how much More Missouri can offer you.

In Their Words

Square is proud to be from St. Louis and thrilled to expand our presence here, where we’ve exceeded our growth expectations thanks to the wealth of local talent. St. Louis is home to tens of thousands of Square sellers and we’re thankful for the support of our city and state partners in furthering their growth. We’re excited for what’s ahead.

— Square / Jim McKelvey

We have some untapped, unrealized potential here. If there’s anyplace that’s going to take the lead in the global marketplace, it’s going to be St. Louis. St. Louis is visionary, open-minded.

— World Wide Technology / David Steward

The team loves the downtown location and the opportunity it provides. This area is rich with innovation and AutoAlert is excited to be added to the mix. AutoAlert is raising the bar to bring high paying tech jobs right to the heart of Kansas City and the Silicon Prairie.

— AutoAlert / Mike Dullea

I’m not sure what my expectations were, but I’ve been surprised by the talent of the pool we’ve got to work with in the local area, and by ‘the local area’ I mean not only Columbia, but St. Louis, Kansas City, and Rolla.

— IBM / Jim Chapdelaine

One of our top executives was working for us out in Los Altos, California. And he came to us and said,’Please let me move there.’ He’s been in Kansas City 3 or 4 years now, and he loves it. I don’t think you could get him to leave.

— Handmark / Augie Grasis III

The work ethic here is really good. People come in and work hard. They’re used to working hard before we hire them.

— Jack Henry & Associates / Jack Prim

From a strategic standpoint, we figured Missouri was the right place to be, because most of our competition was out on the west coast.

— ProEnergy Services / Jeff and Cara Canon

This workforce at our Lebanon, Missouri facility is as resilient as any I’ve seen, and this community works very closely with us. The city officials and economic development people call on us personally, and that is important to us as a corporate and community partner.

— Emerson Climate Technologies / Randy Nielsen

We train displaced workers in rural Missouri for today's IT jobs to keep those jobs in the country. Missouri incentives got us started. The work ethic of our employees keeps us going.

— Onshore Outsourcing / Shane Mayes

The region’s skilled talent, vibrant technology ecosystem and strong commitment to collaboration between government, civic, business, academic and community partners made St. Louis the ideal location for our new Advanced Technology Center.

— Accenture Federal Services / John Goodman

There is a lot of talent. There are really good schools here, so we have not had a hard time finding talent.

— swipesum / Stephen Seaman

You have a once in a lifetime chance, because COVID has happened, to actually rethink what makes your business special. If you go to the usual place where everyone else is going, you don't really have a competitive advantage. I don't miss the coasts at all.

— Tallyfy / Amit Kothari