Biotechnology Company Opens New Headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri

Intact Genomics Inc., a biotechnology company that provides life sciences research products and services, recently opened its new headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri.

Intact Genomics Co-Founder and CEO Chengcang Charles Wu said that he had explored other locations, such as the West Coast or Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, to headquarter the company, but chose St. Louis for its cluster of companies and facilities focused on plant science and biotechnology research.

Launched in 2013, Intact Genomics provides an array of products and services it says are designed to help scientists advance pharmaceutical, agricultural and environmental studies by probing the genomics of microorganisms, plants and animal species.

Missouri is actively investing in high-tech industries including agtech, geospatial analysis, cybersecurity, human health and animal health. With research taking place across the entire state in dozens of our innovation communities, companies are utilizing Missouri’s exceptional resources to grow their business.

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