Missouri Set to Lead in Manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Semiconductor Computer Chips

Missouri is committed to being a leader in innovation in bioscience, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing, and to fostering job growth and economic development throughout the state.

That commitment was recently on display when Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed legislation approving $15 million in grant funding for the advanced manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and semiconductor computer chips.

“This investment in the advanced manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients and semiconductor computer chips will help strengthen our domestic supply chains and create quality jobs right here in Missouri,” said Governor Parson. “One of the greatest lessons we learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent supply chain crisis, is our over-reliance on foreign manufacturing. Missouri is a leader in bioscience, health care, and advanced manufacturing, and when we find ourselves in the next crisis, the last thing we want to do is rely on other countries for goods we can produce – and produce better – right here in Missouri.”

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), approximately 78 percent of active API manufacturers are located outside of the U.S. The new grants from the Missouri Technology Investment Fund will aid in funding the state’s efforts in bolstering domestic semiconductor production and leading the reshoring of APIs.

Brewer Science, headquartered in Rolla, Missouri, is a global leader in the tech industry, specifically in the development and manufacturing of next-generation materials and processes that foster cutting-edge technology, including semiconductor computer chips.

“Brewer Science is living proof that Missouri is more than ready to be a hub for innovation in the semiconductor industry,” said Brewer Science Executive Vice President Dan Brewer. “For over 40 years, our business has helped cultivate Missouri’s growing, diverse high-tech talent pipeline and the significant cost advantages that benefit all industries in our state. With these new critical investments, Missouri is poised and ready to be a national leader in the domestic production of semiconductors. We are grateful for the leadership of Governor Mike Parson and everyone in the Missouri General Assembly who has championed our growing industry.”

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