Biopharmaceutical Company Expands in Kansas City, Missouri

Catalent Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, recently announced plans to expand in Kansas City, Missouri. The $12 million expansion will add two new laboratories and create nearly 50 new jobs in the region.

The expansion will bolster the company’s services in assessing pharmaceuticals, helping its clients accelerate their drug development programs and meet regulatory requirements.

It’s not the first time Catalent has expanded since arriving in Kansas City. In 2018, the company finished a $5.5 million project that added storage to its facilities. In 2014, Catalent unveiled a $30 million expansion to add manufacturing and development capabilities.

Missouri is actively investing in high-tech industries including both human health and animal health. With research taking place across the entire state in dozens of our innovation communities, companies are utilizing Missouri’s exceptional resources to grow their business.

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