Advanced Manufacturer Invests in Nevada, Missouri

Peerless Products, Inc., an advanced manufacturer of commercial windows and doors, recently announced plans to invest in Nevada, Missouri. The expansion represents $3.5 million in capital investment, and is expected to create 111 new jobs in the region.

“It’s exciting to see Peerless Products growing in Nevada, and we look forward to the positive impact its success will have on the community,” said Missouri Governor Mike Parson. “Our state’s pro-growth business environment is resulting in investments that make real differences in the lives of Missourians. We’re proud to support companies like Peerless as we continue our focus on developing a strong workforce, improving critical infrastructure, and creating opportunity.”

In addition to adding 111 new jobs, the company’s expansion includes significant investment in new machinery and equipment. Renovations of Peerless’ 220,000-square-foot Nevada location are underway to update the space and ensure readiness for the company’s continued growth.

“We have expansions in the manufacturing side of things that we have to develop into and this facility is going to give that opportunity,” said Jeremiah Richards, Innovative Solutions Director for Peerless. “Western Missouri, Eastern Kansas, these are places that have hardworking people that build good quality products. I think over the course of this year, the facility, getting it back up to standards to be a manufacturing plant is the goal, and with that comes certain aspects. Right now, it’s a finished goods facility only. In the next 60 days, we hope to make it somewhat of a raw goods facility.”

“Over the next five years, Peerless plans to add over 100 jobs to Vernon County – our largest expansion for a very long time,” said Ben Vickers, Director of BUILD VC. “This project all goes back to the leadership of Peerless, and it just goes to show what a great community we have that they are willing to make that investment. The city of Nevada and Vernon County welcome this expansion wholeheartedly.”

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