Advanced Manufacturer Expands in Maryville, Missouri

Bolder Industries, an advanced manufacturer focusing on repurposing the waste materials into valuable and sustainable products, recently broke ground on a new manufacturing facility in Maryville, Missouri. The new 17,000 sq. ft. facility will add to the company’s existing Missouri footprint, and enable it to increase the output of its recycled carbon black alternative BolderBlack.

The company describes BolderBlack as “a more sustainable and less expensive alternative to traditional carbon black. The net effect of the process is an approximately 90 percent reduction of environmental impact across the board when considering greenhouse gas emissions, electricity, and water usage, and at a lower price.”

Bolder Industries claims its manufacturing process offers petroleum-based products another life. It extracts resources from scrap tires and creates sustainable alternatives to carbon black and oil.

“When innovative companies like Bolder Industries put down roots in Maryville, they bolster our city’s reputation as a center of excellence and create desirable jobs for our workforce,” said Maryville City Manager Greg McDanel.

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