Video: Welcome To Centerpoint Intermodal Center – Kansas City

Centerpoint Intermodal Center – Kansas City is a 310-acre certified industrial park, zoned for heavy industrial projects. Located in an enhanced enterprise zone, this site is rail-served through Kansas City Southern, which provides direct rail access to the port of Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico. This connection allows goods to bypass west coast ports on their way to Asia. The site has two full interchanges from Interstate 49 and is close to Interstates 29, 35, 435, 470 and 635. It is also 39 miles from the Kansas City International Airport.

A certified site in Missouri requires the ground be mostly clear and level, be at least 25 acres, be intended for business use, have at least a six-inch water main, industrial capacity sanitary sewer, and three-phase 12 kilovolt electric infrastructure.

Centerpoint Intermodal Center – Kansas City meets these requirements. Water is provided by Kansas City and sewer treatment is provided by Little Blue Valley Sewer District. 480 kilovolts of electricity is supplied by KCP&L, and Sprie provides gas service to the site through a six-inch main.

With easy access to major interstates, rail, air and established utilities, Centerpoint Intermodal Center – Kansas City has a substantial global reach, and is ideal for businesses in need of strategically located distribution centers.

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