Vice President Mike Pence Visits Missouri, Highlights Jobs and Economy

Vice President Mike Pence visited Missouri yesterday to discuss the economy and job growth in the state. Missouri Governor Eric Greitens hosted the Vice President, and together they visited Fabick Cat, a family-owned business that specializes in construction equipment.

“Fabick Cat is a true American success story,” said Vice President Pence. “As I mentioned before, a family-owned business owned and operated since its founding back in 1917.  Today — thanks to all of you — Fabick Cat has 1,100 employees at 37 locations throughout the Midwest.”

The Vice President went on to highlight small businesses across the state and the important role they have in our nation’s economy.

“You know, both of us (Vice President Pence and President Trump) know that small businesses are the engine of our economy,” said Vice President Pence. “They’re the beating heart that creates jobs and prosperity and growth.“

Governor Greitens applauded Vice President Pence for his visit and highlighted the world-class talent on display in Missouri.

“Today, we had the honor of welcoming the Vice President of the United States—and my friend—Mike Pence to our state. I’m so proud of what we were able to show him,” said Governor Greitens. “We visited a 100-year old Missouri business. We met with workers and job creators to show the strength and quality of Missouri’s workforce. We showed Vice President Pence that America’s economic comeback is starting right here in Missouri.”

You can read Vice President Pence’s full remarks here.

Following the visit to Fabick Cat, Governor Greitens and Vice President Pence worked alongside hundreds of Missourians to clean up and repair a Jewish cemetery that had been vandalized this past weekend.

“Hundreds of Missourians, of every creed and from every corner of the state, came together to stand up for our neighbors,” Governor Greitens wrote following the visit. “When we put out the call, the people of Missouri stepped up and demonstrated to the country and the world that we will fight for our neighbors. Donations poured in, and tens of thousands of dollars were raised for the repairs at the cemetery.”

“I told the Vice President what we were planning to do,” Governor Greitens continued. “As soon as I told him, he decided to change his plans and join us. He wanted us to know that he, and the White House, believe in what we are doing in Missouri. He wanted to send a message about how we can meet cowardice with courage and hate with productive action and shared service.”

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