#ThrowbackThursday: Global Fintech Leader Comes Home to Missouri

In January 2016, Square Inc., a leading financial services and technology company, began the process of moving from Silicon Valley to St. Louis. This was a homecoming of sorts for the company, as it was founded by native St. Louisans Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey.

At the time, the company hoped to hire 200 new employees over the following five years. They soon learned that they had severely underestimated the tech talent pool that awaited them in their home state of Missouri.

By the end of year one, the company had met its hiring goals. Less than two years later, Square employed more than 300 workers. But they weren’t done yet. In 2018, the company announced plans to double its workforce in St. Louis, creating an additional 300 jobs.

“Square is proud to be from St. Louis and thrilled to expand our presence here, where we’ve exceeded our growth expectations thanks to the wealth of local talent,” said Co-Founder and Director of Square Jim McKelvey. “St. Louis is home to tens of thousands of Square sellers and we’re thankful for the support of our city and state partners in furthering their growth. We’re excited for what’s ahead.”

The company continues to grow in the state. And with more and more tech talent fleeing Silicon Valley for Missouri, the sky is certainly the limit for Square and many other tech companies.

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