Three Missouri Cities Named Among Top For Tech Startups

Kansas City, St. Louis and Columbia, Missouri were named the second, third and seventh best cities in the Silicon Prairie for tech startups, respectively, according to a new study by AIM Institute.

The study characterized the Silicon Prairie as the region in and around Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas, that is poised to become the next frontier of innovation as the traditional startup hubs like Silicon Valley, New York City and Austin become overpriced and the tools for building technology companies become democratized.

Missouri offers startups and entrepreneurs some of the lowest business costs in the country, and our strategic location at the center of North America makes getting products to customers faster than ever anywhere in the world.

Additionally, CNN recently highlighted the Missouri cities of Kansas City and St. Louis for their innovation and growth, and that innovative spirit continues across the rest of the state from Columbia to Springfield, St. Joseph to Cape Girardeau. Missouri ranks in the top ten states in the U.S. for starting a business, while many of its cities have been recognized for startup growth.

You can read the full report on the state of the Silicon Prairie here.

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