Subash Alias Discusses Missouri’s Thriving Food Processing Sector 

Headshot of Subash Alias

Earlier this year, Missouri Partnership CEO, Subash Alias, sat down with Expansion Solutions Magazine to discuss the enduring strength of the food processing sector, projected to hit $235.67 billion by 2028.

While food is naturally a crisis-proof industry, food manufacturers and distributors in growth-mode are seeking efficiencies and solutions to combat peripheral economic challenges. These unique circumstances have created an opportunity for Missouri to shine as a state that can offer solutions to nationwide supply chain, workforce, and inflation challenges in recent years. Despite the pandemic, Missouri welcomed investments exceeding $1 billion in the food and beverage industry throughout the state.

Alias notes Missouri’s access to protein, central location, and thriving plant sciences sector that is addressing the challenge of feeding a growing population in a harsh climate. He also noted the trend of geospatial technology becoming part of the industry’s core.

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