Why The Globe Building is Attracting Geospatial-Intelligence and Tech Pioneers

Touring The Globe Building in St. Louis, we discovered four unique benefits of the redeveloped art deco gem at the corner of Tucker and Washington Avenue.

Location, hi-tech office space, the SCIF, and like-minded neighbors make The Globe Building a stand-out for businesses in Geospatial-Intelligence, Tech, and Digital Healthcare.

Largest (and only) SCIF outside of D.C.:

The Globe Building’s 75,000-square-foot multi-tenant SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) is the first and the largest multi-tenant SCIF outside of Washington D.C.

Unprecedented Hi-Tech office space:

From speed to power, developers leveraged its former railway infrastructure to maximize connectivity and create an office space and data center that celebrates tech and design.

“12 fiber providers serving the 5 data centers and other tenants in the property make the building the “smartest” building in the St. Louis Region.”

(Globe Building)

Convenient Location:

For companies with global and coastal US ties, Missouri is a great mid-point to facilitate growth and innovation. The Globe Building is so close to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency HQ, set to open in 2026 in the Downtown North area, you get a nice view of it from the sixth floor.

Great neighbors:

While The Globe Building is already home to tech and geospatial industry pioneers such as Stereotaxis, General Dynamics, T-Kartor USA, Maxar, and Ball Aerospace to name a few, the start-up scene is just two blocks away at T-REX, St. Louis’ tech incubator and co-working space.