Perryville, Missouri: Positioned for Growth

With some of the country’s top manufacturing and retail companies, tourist attractions, and a community ready to welcome newcomers, Perryville is a great place to locate your growing company. 

Like a sample size of Missouri’s diverse economy, Perryville has several top industries, such as food and beverage, automotive parts, and construction materials. Food service manufacturer, Gilster Mary-Lee, has a baking mix plant and a cereal plant in Perryville. Robinson Construction, Rozier’s, and Bucheit are all based in Perry County. And it’s only fitting that one of the largest distributors of natural stone in the Midwest, Semco Stone, is located in “Limestone Country” (ie, Perryville). Each of these companies benefit from Missouri’s central location and robust talent pool. 

Check out Perryville Industrial Park, over 100 acres of shovel-ready land.

These top employers are attracting more families to Perryville, which has created a demand for housing in the city of less than 9,000 people. Proactive city leadership is collaborating with developers and builders to invest in housing development projects to facilitate growth in the community. 

Companies and families are drawn to Perryville for several compelling reasons. Here are a few fun facts about the city located 80 miles south of St. Louis. 

Perry County has been rated the best rural county in the state by Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Data Book, which ranks the states and counties according to how children are faring in areas of economic well-being, education, health, and family and community factors. 

Perryville knows how to get the community involved and welcome visitors every day. It is home to the only full-size replica of the Vietnam Wall in the country. Thanks to a land and monetary donation from Jim & Charlene Eddleman, the Missouri National Veterans Memorial includes the names of all 58,000+ Americans who died serving their country during the Vietnam War. Perryville is also home to the American Tractor Museum, which features over 60 full-size rare and historic tractors and 90 fully restored pedal tractors. These attractions welcome visitors from all over the country to Perrryville every day. 

After hosting its four day Solarfest celebration for the 2017 solar eclipse, Perryville  is once again in the zone of totality during the solar eclipse that will be visible from North America on April 8th, 2024. According to the USA Today article, See the Sun Go Out, it is one of the few places to get the total eclipse experience in 2017 and 2024. 

Perryville is thriving and ready to take on more growing businesses looking to expand into a new location. Contact us to learn more about Perryville.