NPR’s Journeys of Discovery Visits Missouri Northeast: Moberly, Missouri—the Mayberry-esque town promotes alluring urban infill initiatives

Missouri Northeast is a great place for companies that are looking to grow, make, move, or connect. The region is so unique and innovative that it piqued the interest of award-winning NPR podcast host Tom Wilmer. He recently visited Missouri Northeast to see for himself what the region has to offer.

In this episode of the series, Tom Wilmer sits down with Tom Sanders, the Director of Public Works in Moberly, Missouri.

Moberly’s roots date from the Civil War and the advent of the Wabash Railroad. Today the downtown core abounds with alluring architectural gems, and the city is offering enticing historic tax credits for renovations.

Tom Wilmer, Journeys of Discovery Podcast Host:

“Talk to us about contemporary Moberly. You’re going through another renaissance right now before our eyes with a lot of downtown/urban renewal, rejuvenation projects.”

Tom Sanders, Director of Public Works in Moberly:

“Downtown we implemented a community improvement district. That has allowed grant funding to work toward different businesses in the town. They’re looking to do renovations for their facilities, so we’re seeing a lot of change in how people want to live. We’re seeing a lot of increase in downtown apartments to rent out to people…and then we’re also seeing a change in zoning densities. Instead of wanting a tract of land.”

Check out the full conversation on the Journeys of Discovery podcast here, and stay tuned for more coverage of Tom’s visit to Missouri Northeast.

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