#MoreMissouri 2020: NASA Launches Mars Rover Powered by Missouri-made Batteries

Missouri delivers more than you expect. In Missouri, you’ll find more of everything. More global industries. More diverse assets. More affordability. All month long, Missouri Partnership is celebrating “more” by taking a look back at some of Missouri’s biggest stories in economic development from 2020. Today, we’re checking out NASA’s launch of the Perseverance rover.

In August, NASA launched its latest mission to put another rover on the surface of Mars: Perseverance. And much like many of NASA’s Mars rovers, Perseverance has strong ties to Missouri. The new rover is powered by batteries manufactured by EaglePicher Technologies in Joplin, Missouri.

There are 14 EaglePicher silver-zinc batteries on the Atlas V launch rocket. Two of the company’s thermal batteries power the spacecraft during entry, descent and landing stages, including igniting the pyrotechnics that open parachutes. The rover’s main power system consists of two EaglePicher batteries that function independently from each other.

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