Missouri Zoo Connects Animals With Children During Social Distancing

A Missouri zoo is connecting animals with kids during social distancing. It’s no secret that people are missing human interaction during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the animals at Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, Missouri, are no different. They miss their daily visits from zoo guests, so zoo officials decided to start a campaign to connect the animals with the public.

Dickerson Park Zoo’s staff is encouraging children of all ages to write letters to the animals. So far, the animals have received hundreds of letters from their human friends.

Which animals receive the most fan mail? Dickerson Park Zoo’s Marketing Director, Joey Powell, says snakes, giraffes, and flamingos are the most popular. Powell says this letter-writing campaign is good for both the animals and humans.

“It’s rough for everybody,” Powell said. “There’s a camaraderie in that we’re all in it together.”

Dickerson Park Zoo’s “Jake the Snake”

This activity to engage the public is part of a nationwide move from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to “Bring The Zoo To You” as about 90% are closed due to COVID-19, Powell said.

If you’d like to send a letter to the animals at Dickerson Park Zoo in Missouri, please send your letter via e-mail to Joey Powell at jpowell@dickersonparkzoo.org.

What Next? (after you’ve written a letter to the animals, of course)