Missouri Wins 2018: Palindromes Establishes HQ, Two Additional Facilities In Missouri

All month long Missouri Partnership is taking a look back at some of Missouri’s biggest stories in economic development from the past year, and today we are taking a look back at Palindromes’ expansion with three new facilities in Missouri.

In August, Palindromes Inc., a U.S.-based, privately held corporation with a diversified project portfolio focused on sustainable and socially responsible access to the world’s most basic needs:  food, water, energy, shelter and clothing, announced plans to open three new facilities in Missouri, under its Palindromes, Sedes Soy Crush and Sedes Group LLC brands. The three projects brought 93 new jobs to Missouri and represented more than $62 million in total capital investment.

“Palindromes and its subsidiaries are a welcome addition to Missouri, and the jobs they bring are good jobs that will support area families,” Governor Mike Parson said. “The fact that this company chose multiple locations around Missouri to establish three new businesses goes to show you that in Missouri we know how to get it done. We have the talent, we have the locations, and we have the right environment for businesses to succeed, and I look forward to seeing these businesses do just that right here in Missouri.”

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