Missouri Utility Company Harnesses the Wind on Way to Renewable Energy Goal

When Ameren Missouri, a utility provider and energy solutions company, announced plans to add 5,400 megawatts (MW) of clean energy generation by 2040 and operate with net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, the company knew it was an ambitious goal. To help meet it, the company acquired a 400 MW wind farm in late 2020, which also happened to be the largest wind facility in Missouri.

“This is the largest step we have taken so far toward meeting our net-zero carbon goal by 2050,” said Ajay Arora, Chief Renewable Development Officer at Ameren Missouri. “We know this technology works, it’s reliable and affordable, the communities are supportive as they see growth and development. It’s a really good project for us to showcase.”

The facility, which sits in both Adair and Schuyler counties in northeast Missouri, covers more than 60,000 acres. Combined with another wind facility in Atchison County, Missouri, the two new wind generation facilities produce 700 MW of electricity for Missouri residents and businesses.

“All of our customers, no matter where they live or work, are benefitting from additional clean energy on the grid as a result of this acquisition,” said Arora. “These turbines use some of the latest technology that harnesses more wind at an affordable price. It’s also very gratifying to see this project built in our state, where families will receive a host of economic benefits for years to come.”

Missouri is a leader in the energy solutions industry. From solar to wind, Missouri provides companies with the renewable energy they need to operate their businesses successfully and efficiently.

“This is just the beginning, as Ameren Missouri lays the foundation for a transformational advancement toward more renewable wind and solar generation in the coming years, cutting carbon emissions and driving job creation and economic growth,” said Marty Lyons, Chairman and President of Ameren Missouri. “We are committed to clean energy.”

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