Missouri Unveils Plans for New Workforce Development Training Initiative

The Missouri Department of Economic Development and the Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development recently announced plans to support job training opportunities through the Workforce Training Initiative. The departments approved more than $1 million in grants and tax credits to help train a world-class workforce for the future.

“Workforce development has always been a focus of my administration, and these past six months have highlighted even more the need for skilled workers in Missouri,” said Missouri Governor Mike Parson. “We are pleased to announce these grant awards through the Workforce Training Initiative, which was designed to provide quality job training in areas of the state that do not usually have access to these opportunities.”

The Workforce Training Initiative helps provide quality job training opportunities through non-profit organizations, local governments, community colleges, public technical colleges, and public universities. These programs will increase access to training to underserved areas and benefit people with low and moderate incomes.

“A highly-skilled workforce is important to the economic growth in our state,” said Missouri Department of Economic Development Director Rob Dixon. “These training opportunities are an investment in Missouri workers and making our state a more desirable location for business expansion.”

The initiative defines job training as a method of skill development derived from the practical application of work-related skills. This training prepares individuals for a specific job opportunity, particularly those within occupations that are experiencing growth.

“The Workforce Training Initiative is a great way to meet critical training needs across the state with high-quality job training,” said Missouri Commissioner of Higher Education Zora Mulligan. “The workers receiving this training will be better able to advance in their career and provide for themselves and their families.“

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