Missouri Moves Up Nine Spots on Top State Business Climate Rankings

Missouri was recently ranked 14th best state in the U.S. in Site Selection’s “Top State Business Climate” rankings. The ranking saw Missouri jump nine spots from its previous years ranking in the 23rd spot.

Site Selection uses a tried and true methodology for its rankings. 50% of the overall Business Climate Ranking is based on a survey of corporate site selectors who are asked to rank the states based on their recent experience of locating facilities in them. The other 50% is based on an index of seven criteria: performance in Site Selection’s annual Prosperity Cup ranking, total Conway Projects Database-compliant facility locations and expansion projects in 2018, total projects in 2018 per capita, total 2019 projects year to date, total 2019 projects year to date per capita, state tax burdens on mature firms, and on new firms according to this year’s Tax Foundation and KPMG Location Matters analysis.

Check out the full rankings from Site Selection here.

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