Missouri Earns Top Rankings for Electric Vehicles Charging Access

Missouri ranks 7th in the U.S. for the ratio of electric vehicles to charging stations, according to a new report from Forbes.

Missouri has 6,740 registered electric vehicles (EVs) across the state with 985 charging stations available, making the ratio of vehicles to charging stations at 6.84. Missouri also outpaces the states above it in the ranking in terms of the sheer number of registered EV drivers and charging locations.

None of the other states ahead of Missouri surpassed 2,000 registered EVs, putting Missouri’s EV population well above those states with better ratios.

Ameren, an energy solutions company and utilities provider, has led with a focus on EV charging infrastructure, installing charging stations across the state with more than 100 in the St. Louis area alone.

The company also encourages EV charger adoption, offering incentives for businesses to install chargers at a reduced cost while allowing them to set their own prices for the energy provided. Ameren offered a total of $5 million in these incentives last year.

St. Louis and Kansas City have contributed to accessibility as well, working with local partners to expand electric public transportation, build infrastructure in easily accessible areas and enact policies that promote the emerging industry.

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