Missouri Distiller Combines Vodka and BBQ?

McCormick Distilling Co., a Missouri-headquartered company, is adding to its 360 Vodka line of products with a Kansas City-centric first.

Barbeque flavored vodka.

Yes, that’s right. Kansas City is already internationally-known for its BBQ, but now Missouri’s extensive distilling industry (we are home to more than 20) is mixing things up.

“Barbeque-flavored vodka is a first in a category that has produced just about every flavor that can be imagined,” a release from the company proclaimed. The limited edition will only be available in Kansas City.

“We are very proud of our Kansas City roots and love the traditions of this great city,” Patrick Fee, vice president of marketing for McCormick, said in the release. “360 KC Barbeque gives us the opportunity to pay tribute to Kansas City with a flavor that no one has ever done before but that makes all the sense in the world to us.”

360 Vodka is a premium brand for McCormick, which has been in operation since 1856.

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