Missouri Company Leading the World in Next Gen Battery Development

Right now, Missouri is tooling around the surface of Mars. And, the Mars mission could not happen without the empowerment of Missouri.

Curious? Or should we say, Curiosity? Because NASA’s Mars Curiosity is powered by batteries developed and manufactured in Joplin, Missouri.

EaglePicher Technologies develops and manufactures a broad range of electrochemistries available for high-tech applications in the defense, space, medical and commercial industries. Headquartered in Missouri, EaglePicher has been a leader in battery technology for nearly a century. Whether it is their cutting-edge research on Lithium-ion technology or the world’s smallest human-implantable battery, the company continues to set new standards.

Aircraft PowerBoeing F/A-18s

EaglePicher develops a wide range of battery types for aviation. Their lithium-ion products are leading the industry when it comes to safety, and are used for flight instrumentation, avionics, emergency backups and main engine starts on fixed wing, rotorcraft and UAV platforms. And they offer both single charge and rechargeable versions that meet the most stringent electrical, environmental and dynamic requirements.

Energetic Devices

EaglePicher’s batteries have supported nearly every major defense program since 1965. They manufacture a wide variety of pyrotechnic devices including igniters, gas generators, cutters, switches and more. The applications include missiles, ordinance, space and aerospace, and they are currently developing batteries for use with energy weapons.

Space and Satellite

EaglePicher International Space Station batterySitting in the lobby of EaglePicher is a table, made from a battery that powered the International Space Station. They are reportedly one of the most trusted suppliers in the space business and after more than two billion cell hours in space, operations using EaglePicher batteries continue at 100 percent mission success.

And they have a strong history in space. Mercury. Gemini. Apollo. Lunar Rover. Hubble. All these names, and many more, are powered by batteries developed and manufactured right here in Missouri, by EaglePicher.

Protecting Lives

EaglePicher is not just flying around the world, or the solar system, with their technology. It is also being applied much closer to home, in life or death situations. The company is currently developing wearable batteries for the warfighter on the ground and powering the latest in medical breakthroughs in the fields of neuromodulation, nuerostimulation, drug pumps, heart pumps and more. These applications can be counted on to deliver longer life, absolute safety, and unrivaled reliability.


All of these technologies are also backed up by extensive research and development. They always have been. And they are big on collaboration with suppliers, labs, universities and more to leverage research and knowledge for the best of the best in developing technologies—including the latest in lithium-ion battery development and nanotechnology.

EaglePicher Space & Defense Batteries

Growing into the Future

EaglePicher is a Missouri company on the cutting edge of battery development, and they are growing at a fast pace. Recently they expanded by 100,000 square feet in order to meet the demand for the lithium-ion batteries and to move more into automation in order to improve efficiencies and manage costs.

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