Missouri Is On the Cutting Edge In Health Innovation

_mg_4038Cutting-edge biomedical research is taking place across Missouri every day. In world-renowned hospitals, and communities and organizations such as the Stowers Institute, the Cortex Innovation Community and the Missouri Innovation Center, Missouri talent is making amazing advances in health innovation.

Missouri’s bioscience industry employs approximately 50,000 highly skilled individuals within more than 3,500 companies, while also being home to some of the most prestigious hospitals, medical schools and health companies in the world. 40 Missouri colleges and universities offer bachelor’s degrees or higher in biological or biomedical sciences.

Recent medical advancements in Missouri include advances in tissue repair and regeneration at the Stowers Institute in Kansas City, and development of a chemical compound named Fluselenamyl, which detects amyloid clumps to help with the early detection of Alzheimer’s, by researchers at Missouri’s Washington University School of Medicine. Additionally, researchers at the University of Missouri have found a potential key to preventing heart attacks and strokes in older adults.

With all of this medical innovation happening in our state it is no wonder why companies like Cerner, Centene, and Express Scripts all choose to call Missouri home. Additionally, Missouri is home to the world’s first virtual care center, a medical facility dedicated entirely to virtual care outside of its walls. 

Combine all this with our competitive business costs, low corporate tax rate, available talent and focus on risk reduction for companies, and you begin to see why Missouri is a leader in health innovation.

If you would like to learn more about Missouri’s growing health innovation industry we would love the chance to speak with you.