Missouri City Named Among Best In U.S. For Women In Tech

IT studentsKansas City, Missouri has been named one of the top cities in the world for women in the tech industry. The report released by SmartAsset, a data collection and analysis company, rated cities based on the gender pay gap, tech job growth and percentage of women in the existing tech workforce.

Kansas City took the number two spot for the second year in a row in both pay equity and workforce representation. “Median pay for women in Kansas City’s computer and mathematical occupations is $67,587, which is about $500 more than the median pay for men,” SmartAsset noted.

This adds to Kansas Cities growing list of accolades in 2016 which also include being ranked 10th best city in the nation for tech startups and 7th best city in the nation for women owned businesses.

Missouri’s IT hub benefits from low operating costs, turnkey communications infrastructure and efficient access to global data markets via convenient fiber.

With its strategic location, globally connected infrastructure, competitive business and labor costs, highly-skilled and hard working talent, quality of life and a statewide commitment to attracting companies and investment, Missouri is a place where companies come to grow and thrive.