The Missouri Partnership is a public-private economic development partnership here to assist you today, in six months, and in six years. We are an expert resource to support you when the time is right to look at Missouri.

Prime Business Location

Missouri is a strategic business location for companies requiring access to all of North America via any mode of transportation.

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Missouri is a global leader in agtech, aerospace and automotive manufacturing, financial services, logistics and transportation and much more.

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data & tools

You buy what you know. Let us introduce you to all the data and tools you need to learn about Missouri, and decide if we are right for your company.

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Recent News

Missouri Company Wins CiCi Award for Corporate Investment & Community Impact

May 23, 2017

Moon Ridge Foods, a pork processing business, has been awarded a CiCi Award for Corporate Investment & Commu... Read More

CEOWorld: How the Midwest Became the Global Agtech Leader

May 22, 2017

"It was the tech story read ‘round the world," Missouri Partnership CEO Steve Johnson writes in CEOWORLD this ... Read More

Missouri Has The Tools That Make Launching Your US Location Easier Than Ever

May 19, 2017

Launching your business in Missouri is faster than ever. Whether you are relocating, expanding, or entering the ... Read More

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