Logistics Company Grows in Kansas City, Missouri

Murphy Logistics, a distribution and logistics company, is growing its presence in Missouri with a new logistics center in Kansas City. The new 250,000 sq. ft. facility will replace the company’s existing 66,000 sq. ft. logistics center in the region.

According to the company, the logistics center is ideally suited for food products, bulk metals, roll paper, lumber, and animal feed.

“Our latest expansion is driven by continued growth in our business and strong demand for additional capacity, and our customers will benefit from its expanded capacity for rail shipping, a larger footprint and its technological capabilities,” said Murphy Logistics CEO, D. Thomas Griep. “Kansas City’s central location and proximity to critical infrastructure, including rail routes and interstate highway systems, make it an extremely important location for our customers.”

The company currently employs 45 employees in Missouri and expects to create 10 new jobs as part of the expansion.

Missouri is a leader in distribution and logistics thanks to its central location and companies like Casey’s, Chewy, Inc., Dollar Tree, and Melaleuca that call the state home. That’s why Missouri is known as North America’s Logistics Center.

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