Logistics Company Announces New Facility in Bridgeton, Missouri

Davidson Logistics, a logistics company that specializes in the aerospace industry, recently announced plans to establish a new multi-million dollar logistics facility in Bridgeton, Missouri. The project is expected to create roughly 200 jobs in the St. Louis region.

“The logistics industry continues to be a growing part of our regional economy,” said Davidson Logistics Founder and CEO, Don Davidson, Jr. “With so many large firms in the area and a good transportation network in place, St. Louis and Bridgeton are an ideal spot for us to expand.”

Boeing is one of Davidson Logistics largest customers. Boeing has numerous manufacturing plants and offices in the St. Louis region. Other customers of Davidson Logistics include General Electric, General Motors, and numerous other companies.

Missouri is a leader in distribution and logistics thanks to its central location, highway infrastructure, and rail and river access. Companies like Casey’sChewy, Inc.Dollar Tree, and Melaleuca recently expanded into the state thanks to its status as North America’s Logistics Center.

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