Karla Klingner’s Columbia, Missouri Company Promotes Agroecology to Improve Health and Combat Food Deserts

Karla Klingner, CEO of Columbia, Missouri-based Palindromes Inc., is actively involved in agroecology and building a resilient and equitable food system to combat food deserts and prevent health issues related to limited access to affordable and nutritious food options. In her recent interview with Authority Magazine, Klingner emphasizes the importance of regionalized systems, community engagement, agroecological practices, education, and open-mindedness to address food deserts and promote sustainable and healthy food systems. Her company, Palindromes Inc., aims to transform the food supply chain and improve access to nutritious food.

What is Agroecology?

According to The Soil Association, agroecology is sustainable farming that works with nature. Agroecology is the application of ecological concepts and principles in farming.

Agroecology promotes farming practices that:

  • Mitigate climate change – reducing emissions, recycling resources and prioritizing local supply chains.
  • Work with wildlife – managing the impact of farming on wildlife and harnessing nature to do the hard work for us, such as pollinating crops and controlling pests.
  • Put farmers and communities in the driver’s seat – they give power to approaches led by local people and adapt agricultural techniques to suit the local area – and its specific social, environmental, and economic conditions.

Palindromes Inc., aims to reshape the commodity industry by empowering farmers and consumers through agroecological projects. Its focus is on promoting healthy food choices and building a resilient food supply chain by implementing transparent and regionalized cost-of-production systems that are equitable, scalable, and replicable. The goal is not only to feed the world but also to nourish it while improving the environment.

“Jane Goodall says, “Think locally, and then you have the courage to act globally. If you only think globally to start with, you won’t have the energy to act.” I am a firm believer in this practice, and it is the nucleus of what we do at Palindromes Inc.”

Karla Klingner, quoted in Authority Magazine

Learn more about Klingner’s efforts in her interview with Authority Magazine.

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