Kansas City’s New Airport Terminal Officially Open For Business

It’s time for take off – the first one from a new $1.5 billion airport terminal took flight this morning at the Kansas City International Airport (KCI) in Kansas City, Missouri.

Local, regional, and state leaders cut the ribbon at the new terminal in Kansas City, Missouri

The new single terminal at KCI is more than 1 million sq. ft. and is the single largest infrastructure project in the city’s history. The new terminal meets the needs of the ever-expanding Kansas City region, which continues to be a leading location for new business investment. It’s also more reflective of the region’s personality and offers a vibrant, first-class greeting to the growing number of visitors and business travelers.

The single terminal features a new look and 50 restaurants and businesses, most of which are based in Kansas City, and an inclusive and accessible playground for children. It has 40 gates, with the ability to expand to 50 in the future.

The new single terminal replaces the existing terminals that opened in November 1972. Want to check out the new terminal? Fly to Missouri to see it and explore our state.