Kansas City Named “Best City in The World to Travel & Work Remotely”

Kansas City, Missouri, has been named the number one city in the world to take a working vacation, according to a recent analysis from Icelandair.

The Missouri city topped the list of 115 global cities in the ranking, which were chosen because of their prominence in the tourist industry and availability of “slow travel” options. Slow travel is a growing trend that “emphasizes connections, whether that be with the local people, businesses, culture, food, and to leave places in a condition future travelers can explore, too.”

Kansas City, which is known for its barbecue, jazz scene and for having more fountains than Rome, is home to attractions including The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kauffman Stadium, Worlds of Fun and a bustling downtown.

But it is more than just tourist attractions. The Icelandair ranking considers metrics that paint a picture of each city’s quality of life (like cost of living, safety, health-care access), how easy it is to work there (internet speed, average working hours, commute time), environmental factors (climate index, noise and light pollution, air quality) and data from the United Nations’ World Happiness Report.

Check out the full report from Icelandair here.

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