Kansas City, MO, Raises the Bar on Logistics and Transportation

As the crossroads of North America, Kansas City offers a strong advantage as 85 percent of the U.S. population can be reached from a Kansas City location within two days or less.

The Kansas City region’s central location and available skilled workforce are key to a successful eCommerce strategy. These advantages have attracted eCommerce and distribution companies to create more than 6,500 jobs, invest $689 million and occupy 12.8 million square feet in the KC region in the past five years.

Kansas City has several key components that make it an excellent hub for all transportation and logistics operations:

  • The largest rail center in the United States by tonnage
  • A business friendly Foreign Trade Zone program that can activate space in under 45 days
  • Located at the intersection of four of the nation’s major interstate highways (I-35, I-70, I-29, I-49)
  • The Kansas City International Airport, which moves more air cargo each year than any air center in a six-state region
  • Located on the largest navigable inland waterway (MO/MS River system)
  • Five of the Class 1 rail lines intersecting in the region (BNSF, CP, KCS, NS, UP)

Kansas City is one of many reasons that Missouri is known as North America’s Logistics Center.

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