International Relief Organization Unveils New World Distribution Center in Republic, Missouri

Convoy of Hope, a Springfield, Missouri-based international humanitarian relief organization, recently unveiled its new World Distribution Center in Republic, Missouri. In addition to distribution, the new 230,000 square foot building consists of additional space for the non-profit’s disaster services team.

The facility will give relief teams easy access to get supplies on the road right away, which company officials say will make a huge difference for disaster response.

“What it really does is position Convoy of Hope in a perfect position to move forward in helping people in this country, and around the world, by holding more supply and having it ready whenever it’s needed somewhere,” said Convoy of Hope spokesperson Ethan Forhetz.

Convoy of Hope has responded to numerous humanitarian and natural disasters in recent weeks. The organization distributed more than 4 million meals to those affected by the devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Haiti, along with 13 additional containers of food, water, tarps, water filters, solar lanterns, and other essentials. Additionally, Convoy of Hope’s Disaster Services team traveled to Louisiana to aid in relief efforts after Hurricane Ida made landfall.

Convoy of Hope announced the new distribution center in 2020. Since then, Missouri has continued to see exponential growth in the logistics and distribution sectors with companies like Amazon, Chewy, and more choosing Missouri as the prime location for distribution and logistics investment.

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