Health Innovation Company Investing Millions in Missouri

MilliporeSigma, a health innovation company, has announced plans to invest millions in its St. Louis, Missouri, facility. The company is planning more than $3 million in investment to upgrade their current facilities.

Karen Tiano, a spokesperson for MilliporeSigma, said that the investments will be “adding equipment to support the increased demand for buffer products.” The company supplies chemicals and buffers that are used to manufacture therapies. Tiano said they include “those that detect and fight the spread of COVID-19.”

Missouri is a leader in the health innovation industry and has put that expertise to work in the fight against COVID-19. From Missouri being highlighted by former Vice President Mike Pence after launching its partnership with Google to help health care providers connect with Missouri manufacturers and suppliers of personal protective equipment; to Kansas City being chosen as the testing ground for an experimental coronavirus vaccine; to Missouri playing a key role in the development of Pfizer’s successful COVID vaccine; Missouri is continuing to lead the way in the fight against COVID-19.

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