Forbes: Missouri’s Springfield Region Is Great For Business

Springfield, Missouri, recently topped the list of 7 Cities You Didn’t Expect To Be Great For Business, by Forbes. Springfield was highlighted for its low labor costs and business friendly environment.

“The Springfield region includes Missouri’s third largest city and metro area and is highly rated for its tax climate, livability factors, and growth in jobs and population,” said Missouri Partnership CEO Steve Johnson, in the Forbes article.

Key industries in the Springfield region include distribution & logistics, advanced manufacturing, call centers & back office, technology & innovation, corporate office, and data centers.

Springfield is also known as the stainless steel capital of the world, as most of the stainless steel tanks used in the food production and processing industry around the globe are manufactured in the Springfield Region.

Missouri’s Springfield region has seen companies such as FedEx, Vital Farms, Moon Ridge Foods and JRI Holdings expand in the past year, and is home to Bass Pro Shop’s corporate headquarters. Additionally, Springfield was named the number four city in the nation for fastest startup growth.

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