Food Solutions Company Expands With New Missouri Facility

Vital Farms, the largest brand of pasture-raised eggs in the U.S., broke ground on its new 82,140 sq. ft. facility in Springfield, Missouri. The company chose to expand in the Springfield region due to its central location and built-in infrastructure, and it expects to create 50 new jobs in the first year with plans to add more in the future.

“Vital Farms’ expansion underscores Missouri’s importance for food suppliers operating on a national scale,” said Mike Downing, Director of the Missouri Department of Economic Development. “Agriculture is a long-standing and fundamental part of Missouri’s economy, and I look forward to seeing another sustainable food company such as Vital Farms grow and thrive in the Show-Me State.”

Missouri Partnership, Missouri’s statewide business attraction organization, assisted in the expansion by helping Vital Farms evaluate Missouri, and assessing programs designed to attract new jobs and investment to the state.

“Food solutions is a key industry for Missouri that includes more than 300 companies today,” said Steve Johnson, CEO of Missouri Partnership. “Vital Farms, their 82,000 sq. ft. facility, and the 50 new jobs they bring, are a welcome addition to a strong and vibrant industry in our state.”

For more information on Vital Farms expansion to Springfield check out this video news story.