Data Center Company Expands Underground In Missouri

Bluebird Underground, an underground data center management company, announced it is expanding in the Springfield Underground in Springfield, Missouri. The company will expand its footprint in the underground to more than 80,000 sq. ft. allowing them add a third two-megawatt generator, 14,000 more gallons of fuel storage and a second uninterruptible power supply system.

Springfield Underground also recently expanded with the opening of Building 19. The new 205,000-square-foot dry building brings the Underground’s total leasable space up to 2.5M sq. ft. and provides much needed speculative space for our region to market to prospects.

Located 100 feet below Springfield, Missouri, the underground has more than 2.4 million square-feet of developed space with an additional 3 million ready to be filled. Springfield Underground remains at a constant 62 degrees, is train-served and accessible by truck making it an ideal location for food storage and processing, data and distribution centers.

Tenants include Kraft FoodsDairy Farmers of America, Associated Wholesale Grocers and Hiland Dairy.  The facility includes underground parking, roadways for easy transportation and navigation, and access to reliable, environmentally friendly utilities.

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