Expansion Solutions Magazine: Shovel-Ready Sites Provide Plenty of Development Opportunities in 2021

Excavator at sunsetEconomists at the Federal Reserve expect the U.S. economy to grow in 2021 by 4 percent and unemployment to decline to 5.5 percent. Investment banker Morgan Stanley predicts real GDP growth in the U.S. could reach 5.9 percent this year. Those super-charged forecasts mean shovel-ready sites will be in high demand among facility managers.

That is according to a recent article in Expansion Solutions Magazine.

In Missouri, a trend that has evolved recently is more developers looking to invest in food solutions facilities.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, Missouri has seen a surge of food-related projects,” Kylee Garretson, Director, Business Recruitment and Capacity Building at Missouri Partnership. “These companies have extremely fast-paced timelines, and they want to be fully operational very quickly. Having sites with strong water, wastewater, and electric capacity previously identified has allowed us to respond to these requests fast and efficiently.”

Missouri is also seeing an increased interest in sites that allow for manufacturing and distribution.

“Missouri is a top contender for these projects due to the combination of our access to raw materials, talent availability, cost of doing business, regulatory environment, and globally connected logistics and transportation infrastructure,” said Garretson.

Missouri is primed to offer companies the shovel-ready sites that they need. Missouri’s Certified Sites Program reduces the risk to companies by ensuring there has already been a comprehensive review of items including the availability of utilities, site access, environmental concerns, land use conformance, and potential site development costs. Thus, reducing the risk associated with the development of particular sites by providing up front and consistent information.

Are you looking for a shovel-ready site for your next expansion? Let us show you what Missouri can offer.

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