Energy Solutions Company Invests in Missouri

POWERHOME SOLAR, an energy solutions company, recently announced plans to further invest in Missouri by opening sales and installation offices in the Kansas City region. The new investment will provide homeowners and businesses in western Missouri with a supplement to grid energy.

“By opening these office locations, POWERHOME SOLAR is bringing renewable energy jobs to the Kansas City market, and it’s bringing clean energy to our growing customer base that has discovered their appetite for solar energy,” said CEO Jayson Waller. “We love how this gives us greater coverage across the state.”

POWERHOME SOLAR expects to create up to 100 new jobs in the coming months to fill warehouse, installation and sales positions.

Missouri’s solar market has grown faster than the national average since 2009, and our energy talent is leading the way in innovation and development at research facilities across the state. In fact, Missouri leads the Midwest for overall employment in energy storage and smart grid jobs according to the Clean Energy Trust.

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