Distribution Company Expands In Kansas City, Missouri

Imperial Dade, a distributor of disposable food service and janitorial supplies, expanded with a new 80,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Kansas City, Missouri. According to company officials, the facility is the 19th location for Imperial Dade and will add to the company’s growing footprint in the Midwest.

“We view this expansion into Kansas City, our recent acquisition of Kranz in the Chicago area, and the broader Midwest region as critical to our vision at Imperial Dade of becoming the leading national provider in our industry,” said Jason Tillis, President of Imperial Dade. “We look forward to growing in this market and providing area customers with exceptional service and solutions to meet their disposable food service and janitorial supply needs.”

Missouri is the nation’s rail, river, road, pipeline and air crossroads, and a booming epicenter of commerce and you can send your goods anywhere in the world via our international airports, extensive river barge infrastructure or on any of the US Class 1 railroads, and Missouri has direct access via rail to ports on every US coast and in Mexico and Canada.

Our central location, globally connected infrastructure and abundance of world-class talent make Missouri the ideal home for your company’s next distribution center.

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