Silicon Valley Startup Expands In St. Louis, Missouri

Yoshi, a Silicon Valley startup that delivers gas directly to your car, announced its plans to expand into the St. Louis, Missouri, market. St. Louis will be the first Missouri city to receive the service, which expects to expand into other areas in the future.

Yoshi co-founder Bryan Frist said the company selected St. Louis for this most recent wave of expansion because of the high volume of commuters traveling to and from work, where the company could potentially service many cars at one stop. The service will cost $7 per delivery, or a $20 fee per membership, plus the price of gas.

The company has received financial backing from General Motors Ventures and ExxonMobil, which together pumped $13.7 million into the startup this year, and has a corporate partnership with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. The company is also looking to develop additional relationships with fleet owners, such as school districts and rental car companies in the region.

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