CEOWorld: How the Midwest Became the Global Agtech Leader

“It was the tech story read ‘round the world,” Missouri Partnership CEO Steve Johnson writes in CEOWORLD this week. “Earlier this year, CNN shed light on what Midwesterners have known for years: The middle of the U.S. is where innovation abounds. The region has actually blossomed into a dominant tech hub. Why? Leaders in the Midwest recognized their strengths and didn’t try to import success. They saw their farms and their agricultural innovation were advanced, and they built on that fact.”

According to Johnson, “Tech leaders making their way to this part of the country are joined by industry powerhouses in the agtech field. Companies like Bayer and Monsanto, which will spend a predicted $16 billion in research in the next few years, are investing in Midwest-based agtech. And they’re certainly not alone. The Midwest has become a magnet for agricultural organizations around the world searching for a place rich with talent, innovation, and potential revenue.”

But how do you get a foot in the door of the agtech innovation community for your company? Johnson gives you three ways to join the agtech movement.

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