CEO Insights: Four Innovative Ways to Address Today’s Supply Chain Issues

Headshot of Subash Alias

Missouri Partnership CEO, Subash Alias, recently shared his thoughts with Supply & Demand Chain Executive on “4 Innovative Ways to Address Today’s Supply Chain Issues.”

Supply chain disruption didn’t start during the pandemic; COVID-19 just revealed all the cracks in the cycle. As a result, companies and suppliers are actively innovating in an effort to figure out how to improve supply chain strategies.

It hasn’t been easy, of course. Raw material shortages, rising shipping costs, and other factors make it challenging to implement viable supply chain solutions. Despite these obstacles, businesses worldwide are testing the waters with a variety of strategies — and they’re making positive waves.

That said, business relocation and expansion aren’t to be taken lightly. Finding the right site is essential. That’s why Chewy took its time before opening a distribution center in Belton, Missouri, at the start of the pandemic. The online pet retailer needed a strategic location to meet growing demand, and the decision proved to be the right one when lockdowns occurred, and people turned to online vendors for items they — and their pets — needed.

Missouri is the nation’s rail, river, road, pipeline and air crossroads. When it comes to distribution, Missouri does it right. Missouri has the experience, resources, and convenient location to optimize your logistics management from start-to-finish.

As the home of more than 21,000 distribution and logistics companies, Missouri understands what you need to be successful. Sometimes that means taking a different approach than others.

Check out the 4 innovative strategies our CEO provides to address today’s supply chain issues.

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