Business Journals: New York’s Financial Services Back-Office Is Not Where You Might Expect

There are many financial services hubs around the U.S., including Chicago, San Francisco, and Minneapolis. But many people are surprised to learn where one of the biggest financial centers in the U.S. is actually located.

St. Louis, Missouri.

St. Louis is home to the second highest concentration of financial securities brokerage firms among major U.S. metropolitan areas. Number one is New York City. In fact, the St. Louis region is home to more than 7,600 business establishments in the financial activities industry, employing more than 86,000.

Today, more than 125,000, or nearly 5% of workers in Missouri, are employed in core occupations relevant to the financial services industry. And nearly 40 Missouri colleges and universities offer bachelor’s degrees or higher in finance and accounting.

And it’s not just St. Louis that is a leader in financial services in the state of Missouri.

Check out the full article from Business Journals on Missouri’s financial services strengths here.

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