10 Months in Missouri = 3,400+ Jobs, $185M+ in Payroll, & $545M+ Invested

Missouri Partnership is tasked with one goal—attracting companies from around the world to invest in Missouri. Companies that create jobs, pay salaries and grow Missouri’s economy. These companies cut across our state’s key sectors, including agtech, food solutions, advanced manufacturing, logistics and more. And it is these companies that are creating economic growth in Missouri.

Since July 2016, attraction projects that Missouri Partnership has been involved in will be creating almost 3,500 new jobs, generating annual payroll of slightly more than $185 million and capital investment of more than $545 million. These are projects with companies such as American Outdoor Brands, Aurora Organic Dairy, Vital Farms, Cushman & Wakefield, Dollar Tree, AutoAlert, Nestlé, CVS, Trans-Lux, American Marksman and more.

In addition, these projects will result in 2.6 million square feet of build-to-suit industrial space and nearly 500 acres of industrial ground sold. When you add in industrial space leased, industrial space bought, and leased office space, the new or newly utilized industrial and office space coming online via projects Missouri Partnership has been involved with since July 2016 comes to more than 3.25 million square feet.

As we’ve seen these companies investing in our state and creating jobs, we have seen our unemployment rate hit a low of 3.9 percent in March, significantly lower than the US rate of 4.5 percent. And these newly-employed citizens include all ages, including millennials who are increasingly attracted to Missouri, especially St. Louis and Kansas City.

And a reminder—our services are complimentary. We function as a one-stop service for companies and a liaison between companies, the State, local economic development partners, land owners, utilities and more. And we are proud to be a part of the partnership that exists statewide, at all levels, focused on delivering the best solutions for growing companies. Bottom line, we work hard to make sure that investing in Missouri is a simple and painless process, while also helping remove as much risk as possible.

Missouri Partnership team is here to assist companies today, in six months, and in six years. We are an expert resource to support companies from around the globe and across North America when the time is right to look at Missouri.

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