Why Would A London Tech Firm Choose Missouri? Partnerships and Service!

Narbeli Galindo

Missouri. It’s in the middle of the US, far from the coastal cities that most overseas companies think of. So, why would a London-based business intelligence and data analytics consultancy land in Kansas City, Missouri.

The answer lies with Narbeli Galindo of the Economic Development Corp. of Kansas City, UK Trade and Investment (UKTI, now known as the Department for International Trade), and partnerships. And of course the many other strengths that Missouri has that makes it attractive to companies once they learn of them.

The company is Pomerol Partners, and CEO Fred Hefer saw America as a big opportunity. Hefer reached out to UKTI, who in turn reached out to Galindo.

And Galindo went to work.

She talked with the company about the vibrancy of the region, Google Fiber, our corporate headquarters and the dominance of the financial, animal health and manufacturing industries in the region. And within two weeks had a series of meetings set up with company CEOs, organizations (including the Missouri Partnership), and entrepreneurs.

In February 2016, Hefer came to visit. And in August 2016, he opened Pomerol Partners’ US headquarters – in Kansas City, Missouri. “I got more achieved from a business development perspective in one week in Kansas City than I could in three to four weeks in London,” Hefer told Meghan LeVota at Startland. “That was a bit of a ‘wow’ moment for me. It was America who gave us a shot.”

It’s clear that the hard work of Galindo was key to a great company coming to a great city. But it’s all in a day’s work for her, and for economic development professionals across the state. And Missouri Partnership has the privilege of working with Galindo and many others on a regular basis as we work to attract companies from across North America and around the globe to Missouri.

You can read more about Pomerol’s journey to Missouri in the Kansas City Business Journal and Startland.