Virgin Mobile Selects Kansas City As Site For New Headquarters


Virgin Mobile, a major mobile communications company has selected Kansas City, Missouri, as the site for its new headquarters. Virgin Mobile cited the region’s talented workforce as the primary factor for the move and plans to hire more than 50 new employees by the end of 2016.

“Kansas City has an emphasis on entrepreneurship and technology, especially in the downtown and Crossroads area, which fits exactly with the direction for the new Virgin Mobile,” said Dow Draper, Virgin Mobile USA CEO. “It is a vibrant place to live and work, giving us the ability to attract a world-class team with experience across multiple industries to become part of the global Virgin family.”

The choice to move to Missouri is part of Virgin Mobile’s plan to re-launch the company under Sprint, and plans to build its new office in downtown Kansas City near the existing Sprint Center and Sprint Accelerator.

“The growing technology scene in Kansas City is a big reason why Missouri is a nationally-recognized leader in high-tech jobs and innovation,” Gov. Nixon said. “By making smart investments in education, workforce development and entrepreneurship, we will continue to make Kansas City and the entire state the ideal location for companies to locate and grow.”

Kansas City, Missouri, is the most connected city on Earth, according to the city’s chief innovation officer and has benefited from being the first city in the nation to receive Google Fiber. The city was recently chosen by Google once again to test the company’s wireless broadband capabilities. Kansas City was also recently named as one of the top 10 cities in the U.S. for tech startup growth in 2016, and showcases Missouri’s low operating costs, turnkey communications infrastructure and efficient access to global markets via convenient fiber.