Two Missouri companies nationally recognized for having incredible employee perks

Two Missouri companies rank among the top 14 globally for employee perks according to, which tracks pay and benefits. Kansas City-based Hallmark is ranked at No. 9, and St. Louis-based Scottrade is ranked at No. 14.

“In an economy where employees are often overworked and many businesses are pulling the plug on raises and extra benefits, some companies are shining stars when it comes to offering their employees cool perks,” the report stated.

Hallmark, the largest manufacturer of greeting cards in the U.S., was noted as a great place to work for women.

“As of last year, 63 percent of the managers and executives at the company were women,” the report stated.

Hallmark also fosters good employee relations by hosting bike rides, softball games and 21 company-sponsored vans for employees to carpool together.

Scottrade, an online investment firm, was noted for opening new branches in areas employees want to move to.

“Countless workers have made a geographical move to get or keep a job, but jobs don’t generally move to follow employees,” the report stated. “According to Fortune magazine, Scottrade has opened 20 offices for employees.”

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